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S1mba keeps the momentum going with a remix of “Rover”

Rising star ‘S1mba’ releases a remix to ‘Rover’ featuring ‘Poundz, ZieZie and Ivorian Doll’. The original track was released November 2019 featuring “DTG”. Although, months later, the dance routine went viral and the song was trending globally.

A ‘TikTok’ dance routine was created in Australia yet managed to circulate wholly. The famous dance routine evolved into a challenge. People in different countries including the UK became involved. The ‘TikTok’ challenge branched out to different influencers, love island contestants and numerous celebrities were being a part of the challenge. Resulting in huge advantages for ‘S1mba’ and more recognition for his talent. People were loving the challenge, the song and the culture.

The remix features ‘ZieZie’ and ‘Poundz’; upcoming artists , delivering summertime vibes and afro fusion to the song.

‘Ivorian Doll’ also features and is known for her famous ‘Rumours’ single. Nonetheless, also referred to as another upcoming star. She gives us ‘boss chick’ vibes and adds sass to the atmosphere.

I appreciate the artists ‘S1mba’ considered on this remix, as he’s used his platform to uplift upcoming, unrecognised and underrated talent. Rather than giving us our usual, stereotypical features that most remixes consist of in the UK.

We will definitely be hearing a lot more of ‘S1mba’ and his rise to success.

In his Interview with ‘Capital X’tra’ he discusses a remix with ‘Yxng Bane’ appearing soon. He also discourses an EP dropping in the near future and more collaborations with various musical artists.


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