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Santan Dave swaps Top Boy for X-men on new cut 'Professor X'

Dave, who seems to have dropped the Santan moniker and (spoiler alert for the Top Boy fans the Modie character as well, but he’s still dropping bangers. With Top Boy now out, Dave earned a well-deserved spot on the accompanying soundtrack with his latest song ‘Professor X’.

The song was initially teased on Dave’s snapchat and went viral on social media shortly after the release of his debut album, the critically acclaimed and widely successful Psychodrama. It looks like he kept it in the bag for the right moment, and a great performance in the newly returned Top Boy was the perfect moment to free it for his fans.

The song is more reminiscent of his older music that you might find on his EPs. The beat is simple but effective, with bouncing synths in the background complemented by a hard, banging drum track. It is surprisingly produced by Dave himself (demonstrating clear similarities with his last self-produced hit Funky Friday), showing his progression in his multi-talented artistry.

Dave’s step into production could be one of his sleeper talents and as his work rate improves, we may see some more

Lyrically Dave is on usual form, bringing his confident personality and a lighter hearted vibe than we saw on Psychodrama.

It’s clearly a tune to flex on, with punchlines and flow to really show the scene that he’s on a level. He talks about his designer, his never ending list of cars and his lifestyle in a way that not a lot of rappers (who really do try) can’t really match.

The wordplay has always been Dave’s strongpoint though, with the actual title coming from a hilarious bar saying “I got a brownin' livin' in Sydenham, Professor X 'cause truth say the back ain't there, But the brain is brilliant.” This may be a throwaway track for the Top Boy fans but lyrically Dave is never lacking.

This may not be his typical introspection but if you’re a Dave fan and want music over acting, this track isn’t a miss. You can check the song out alongside Fredo, AJ Tracey and Ghetts on the Top Boy soundtrack, and catch a stream below.


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