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SD Muni prefers hoodies to caps, No Cap

SD Muni made it onto our UK DRill Freshman List, and he deserved to be on it, No Cap.

The flows on this track are so unorthodox, captures your interest and holds you there, and by constantly switching flows, he forces you to pay attention.

There are complaints that the punchlines are forced, which is true to an extent. the track at times feels like he's cramming in punchlines like fish in a barrel. However, that's just what's been trending in drill over the past year, punchline drill is what's hot right now and so many big names are good at it.

Bkay on the buttons was solid, and proves he doesn't rely on vocal loops even though that is his signature. A special shout out needs to be made to Bkay because the work he has put in over the years has been unreal.

Sd Muni dropped some flows on this that it's impossible for you not to appreciate, and i'll end it with this: you guys really aren't ready for the FF UK Drill Freshman Cypher...


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