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Sensei Apex

Lord Apex isn't just another body in the Lo Fi hip-hop crowd, he's got an essence that emanates a young Pro-era Joey Badass, but he's undoubtedly British. The weed infused lyrical wordsmith that is Lord apex presents a variety of flows and sounds with the same style, showing he's got so much to offer.

This track is great sample to take from his discography. The instrumental produced by Sumwun feels like flatbush zombies to me, but a key difference is how the bassline almost stutters, along with the purposely rough cut on the vocal loops. it all helps to creates this trippy vibe on the track which compliments lord apex as well as the visuals from Pique.

Lord Apex raps like a stoner genius is expected to, with effortless flows gliding across a beat with the perfect combination of modern bass lines and coarse blues influenced samples.

Directed By Pique

Produced By Sumwun

Twitter: @smwun


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