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Shxdow is a real life demon

Shxdow has a brand of grime that is truly unique. Inspired by Terminator MC, darkside grime is gory, gothic, menacing and aggressive, and oh my is it brilliant.

Hats off to the producer and engineer because they really help shxdow to sound so menacing on this track, and the gory and gruesome visuals only add to that. Shxdow's trademark erratic give him an identity that no one can really replicate. Dropping evil lyrics whilst in a bath of blood, this really is the dark side of grime and i love it. The dark energy channeled into this track gives you a permanent screwface, but it also makes you want to read exodus afterwards just to get your head straight.

His work as the head of Rosko Records and the Outsiderz series shows he has a lot more to come, and shxdow is a name you need to remember.


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