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Skepta is feeling" no Stress" with L3 and Michael Phantom

Skepta teamed up with the members of the Essie Gang, L3 and Michael Phantom for the new single, " No Stress".

Produced by Skepta himself, the three-minute track reproduces the work of the three artists against a sound background rich in bass. Skepta begins the track with the catchy chorus, followed by L3's melodic and autotuned offering , complemented by Phantom's double tempo effort.

The track that uses heavy bass , sees Skepta giving us another catchy hook with his usual deadpan style, reminiscent of the flow of Chicago rapper Valee in his hit " Miami."

Essie Gang members L3 and Michael Phantom are offering different flows and styles, with L3 offering autotune melodies and unrepentant lyrics, while Phantom comes with a gun-popping flow to complete the song.


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