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SL continues to show why he's one of the UK' most fluid artists, in new song with Kenny beats

Kenny beats is a well known american producer, who: recently has worked with many artists who would normally fly under the radar for many american producers- slowthai, headie one and now SL. Kennys experience with a wide range of artists and styles are clearly showcased in this song, in "little bird" SL raps over an experimental rap beat which he can rap smoothly flow over. the video for this song reflects the song too, as the video is smooth with jumpy cuts. and true to his style now, its shot in many different distinct locations such as a farm, a field and skyscraper roofs.

SL came up and became popular off a drill song - "gentleman". A few songs and experimenting later and SL sounds refreshingly different and melodic. He was able to successfully unbox himself from the sound expected of him. His visuals too are often commended as being high quality and cinematic too. Often being recorded in foreign or distinct locations. A stark difference to the chicken shop and block settings he first came out with. However his content has never changed, and he stays true to his root's lyrically.

in "little bird" he raps about his luck with girls, his trapping lifestyle and even investing in some capital once he "Hit the milli` mark". SL shows off his unique versatile flow in this song as he always does. rapping about many different topics but keeping the listener interested and head bobbing. this song (and the album its on -selhurst se25) have SL rapping about his raw street life and his lifestyle change since getting famous.


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