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Sleeks drops some elite drill music on ‘TR4P R4P’

The consistent streak Smoke Boys have been on in the past year continues. Whether it’s drill, grime or rap, Croydon’s own have been killing features, freestyles group cuts and solo tracks all the same. Any doubts about a name change and a comeback might have to get left in the 2010s.

Sleeks’ new one, Trap Rap, is a solid tune and sees him at his best. This song is very ‘Trapping Ain’t Dead’ in spirit – he paints pictures in his lyrics of a hustler on his grind, whether he’s got a rucksack full of narcotics or he’s ‘sorting piff’.

His bars are hard in this tune as usual, filled with clever punchlines like saying the cats call saying ‘I wanna rock right now’. It’s impressive how in such a short tune, he isn’t afraid to switch up his flow and keep the momentum moving. If anything, this tune could’ve been a lot longer.

The beat is produced by the deadly duo of M1 and MK. The beat is hard, with the drums, bass and eerie synth melody all lurking together to form a real banger.

Overall, there’s not much to complain about with this short tune. You can watch the music video on GRM Daily below.


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