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Slowthai and Denzel Curry actually went "Psycho" on this one

With Slowthai fresh off the back of "Nothing great about Britain" and Denzel Curry turning heads globally with "Zuu", both of these rising stars have had a brilliant year.

Psycho takes it's musical influence directly from the original horror flick of the same name, with the strobe light visuals and rotating camera angles which are unnerving. The hook from Denzel Curry embraces the dark elements we known and loved about him since the "13 EP"

Slowthai brings his aggressive punk-rap energies which not only bounces off well from Denzel, he also offers a flows that are choppy resulting in them fitting with the instrumental perfectly.

I personally like how in the comments section of the video, there isn't a debate about US vs UK rap that normally ensues which such a collab gets release. Both artists were lyrically brilliant, can we not just celebrate that? Slowthai's opening 8 bar will probably make you go psycho just trying to wrap your head around it, and at no point did Denzel let his foot off the gas with his verse either.


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