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Smoke Boys build excitement for final album with new song - Justin Bieber

Smoke boys and dizzee rascal link up to give the streets a inter-generational tune between both pioneers and trail blazers of UK music. Although the scene has changed a lot from when both artists started out, both dizzee rascal and smoke boys (formerly section boyz) have continued to stay relevant. With the final smoke boys album titled: All The Smoke. The collective are working up creativity and work rate. With this new single they increase excitement for their penultimate album.

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Justin Bieber - Produced by MK The Plug & Gottionem has smoke boys sounding like their prime selves again, comfortable riding the track and flowing in turns over the tune. This beat is raw and hard but not drill, putting all the rapper's in a sound they are more used/comfortable too. This song reminds me of the smoke Boyz we know and love, spitting gritty and fun verses. The addition of the dizzee rascals exciting verse may even be contender for guest verse of the year. The energy brought out from each rapper on this song is grimey and hypnotic, with all rapper's having perfect chemistry and bouncing off each other.

cryptically named Justin Bieber (street slang for cocaine) this song has all the features needed for street song comeback. and with dizzee rhyming like his prime this song is prime uk music. lyrics like "knee deep in the trap" prove the collective haven't fallen off and stay true to their music. as excitement for their new album builds, lets hope its worth it! Check out the visuals for the track below:


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