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Smuggzyace is one of a kind in the UK Drill scene

Drill is now all over the world never mind all over the country, but SmuggzyAce from Birmingham is putting his city on the map in the Drill scene. If grime has Jaykae and invasion alert, Drill has SmuggzyAce and 23 Drillas.

IF you have a friend that complains that "All drill riddims sounds same" direct them straight to smuggzyace, because his riddims are always so obscure, but he rides them so effortlessly. The flute melody on the instrumental is something out of the Japanese Edo samauri era (yes I know that because I watch way too much anime).

There isn't a traditional song structure, it's not a typical drill hit that has a catchy hook and coded language, but its not just 3 minutes of someone chatting all sorts of crud on the mic without actually rapping well. Smuggzyace finds that sweet spot in between and then adds his own flavor and his trademark adlib.

Even the snippet teased at the end shows he's ready to deliver more of the same after his debut project "shhmokey" dropped last year. If you haven't heard it give that a listen.


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