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Snowy is vexxed, and the grime scene felt his wrath

Nottingham has been a forgotten force within the grime scene and That should be crime, with the list of talent coming out from nottingham such as Young T and Bugsey, Mez, Vandull, Shxdow and many more. Snowy is fed up of being overlooked because when he declares "Nottingham is greaze", there is more than enough evidence to back that statement.

Filthy Gears gives Snowy the perfect beat for him to vent on, but snowy isn't just rambling endlessly. with lyrics such as "getting burnt by olders cuz i don't bread it", it shows how he feels there are gatekeepers to the scene, and instead of knocking at the door and waiting patiently, he almost gave up on it all left....Then decided to return later with a bulldozer, megaphone and this track.

Before getting into the seriousness of the issue, Snowy's dark sense of humour in his punchlines must be noted which made his "Callous EP" stand out to me. The line "Really should gone to a meeting a greenwich but i'm with a peng ting doing tonsil tennis" and the whole 16 after it had me in stitches.

Snowy makes a point which needs be heard by the whole UK music scene not just grime, which is complaining about having more radio sets than actual song content, and there being a lack of quality control when singles, eps, etc are released. As brutal as this truth sounds, shelling down radio sets only gets you so far, and it's matter of making sure overall focus is better placed.

As a music critics I think part of this is our fault, we are still responsible for giving artists exposure but we should still be critics and not just blindly push everything that ends up in our email inboxes. Youtube channels aren't the only people who should be ensuring quality control is there.

My axe to grind with this track, is that it's blatantly recorded out anger after reading the reddit thread in question. Snowy could have argued his point of view better (a point of view which is extremely valid by the way) if he took some time to cool off before recording this. ON the other hand, its the anger that he funnels into this track which makes it great.

Ironically, His song ended up on the Grime Shutdown playlist on Spotify, but as he said himself, still have a long way to go.

I hope this track gains traction, because i think the UK scene as a whole should hear him out. Have a listen to track itself on sound-cloud, unless you've abandoned that in the same way that everyone swapped grime forum for Reddit.



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