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"sounds of the skeng" and "wiley flow" are singles fans have been waiting for from stormzy.

Whenever I hear @stormzy and @sirspyro are working together I always have high expectations.

Stormzy and Spyro have great chemistry and usually produce solid track's consistently.

"Scary" and "Return of the rucksack" being my favorite record's by them together.

While I wasn't a big fan of his previous singles "Vossi Bop" and "Crown" With "Sounds Of The Skeng" it's nice to hear the UK MC on something closer to his roots.

Delivering a more calm vocal inflection and showcasing a smooth flow that I can appreciate.

Not many punchlines standout on the first few listens but this record is a nice change from his previous radio ready singles.

Hopefully on his anticipated new album we can hear the South London mc on more hard hitting instrumentals, where more aggressive energy and flows can be shown to prove why Stromzy is considered one of the best mcs of his era.

Then WILEY flow dropped

Produced by @eyproducer with ADOT and !llmind this instrumental is gonna be a fan favourite for 2019.

From the disgusting bass and aggressive tempo, mcs are just waiting to jump on this riddim. Expect a thousands remixes on your timeline.

I always thought Stormzy and Sir Spyro had the best chemistry but now I wanna see what else Mr Skeng and Ey can create.

As for Stormz, this was a reminder that while he's the most popular UK rapper, doesn't mean he's lost a step.

When the South London mc enters that aggressive flow (like the one from his fire in the booth cypher) he's near unstoppable.

Even down to he's writing, he may not go blind with wordplay but with facts and statements that will be reload bars you'll be hearing for a while.

you can argue if stomzy is still grime but when he says

"Don't switch sides, there's no role reversals How's the best spitter in Grime so commercial?"

it's not a lie, it's straight fact.

A grime kid, his homage to @Wiley replicating the flows from "Bad Em Up" and "Night bus dubplate" retrospectively are songwriting gems

it's always great to see our elite artist paying homage to the forefathers. shows how far our scene has grown.

yes i love when stromzy shells a grime riddim but i do see his growth as an songwriter and his audience is wider now. he's got different sets of fans to entertain.

but he love of grime cant be disputed.


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