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Stickz's hook is addictive with latest tune ‘Blockstar’

150 representative Stizzy Stickz has been repping hard this year – starting off the year close to M24 with certified bangers in Luke Cage and We Don’t Dance, the past couple months he’s been proving himself to be equally cold as a solo artist.

If Amnesia set the bar high then Blockstar, his latest single hops that barrier easily. His consistency needs some respect for sure.

Blockstar is a banger with plenty of replay value. With a catchy hook, cold flows and a banger of a beat, it’s a top quality drill song that doesn’t feel like it’s using a lot of the same formulas some artists tend to rely on.

Lyrically is where I think Stickz shines. He may be a contender for one of the most lyrical artists in drill, with plenty of punchlines and wordplay. In fact, Stickz has been saying more in his hooks these days than some rappers do in a whole verse.

The verses are gutter, sending a clear warning anyone who wants war with the ‘getback monster’ – a reference to 150’s song ‘GetBack’ from the top of the year. Anyone listening is bound to pull a Walkz level screw face when you some of Stickz’ grimiest quotables, like “I blend my opps with baccy” or the menacing promise to “hit my man in his kufi”. Needless to say, please don’t play this tune outside your mosque on a Friday.

Stickz’ delivery is always on point and he knows how to perform and bring a next level of hype to any drill tune. His booming voice and authoritative tone makes it impossible not to want to shout the bars with him. Even from the way he kicks the first verse off with “roll up, uncalled for” you know the verse is going to be a madness.

The beat is produced by ItchyDaProducer, who captures the street sound easily in the distorted piano tones, hard hitting drums and trunk-knocking production. It’s perfect for Stickz and it’s something he could have jumped on in his early days without losing a single drop of his cutthroat edge.

Stickz is definitely 2 for 2 right now between Amnesia and Blockstar and these could be the potential foundations of a very solid tape if that’s what he’s gearing towards. You can check the tune out for now but Stizzy Stickz Black Ruger, and the rest of the 150 crew, are definitely going to be on the list to watch for in 2020.


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