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Stickz is essentially the DiCaprio of Drill

Stickz is essential the Leonardo DiCaprio of drill, always put out good verses consistently, as well as some legendary ones, however he wasn't truly acknowledged until so late in his career. Despite that, the piece of work that truly gets him that sense of achievement (Luke Cage reaching a million views), that's not even the best he can offer, and his street select freestyle proves it.

This freestyle is similar to his verses on bangers such as "get Back" or "Iron Sights", rather than his more tame content on tunes such as "man don't dance", and the change is welcome. Stickz gives us the drill flow that half the scene stole from him since Truth pt2.

The wordplay is vicious with lyrics such as "man let it sing sing sing like the weekend", and the beat produced by DJ Nash and FnR Beats hits hard. as an undoubted face in the origins of Drill, this freestyle demands respect on his name, and it is well deserved.

The uncompromising nature of Stickz' rapping is what makes him stand out, and as complaints arise that originators of the genre have changed their sound for mainstream audiences, Stickz' presence in the scene is more than needed.

This is what the streets want, this is what the streets need, and we hope that the Street select freestyles can maintain this sort of quality.


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