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Stop asking dumb question's of course Fizzler has bars

ProdBYwalkz has started a new UK Drill YouTube freestyle series, and Fizzler was certainly a good place to start.

Filmed outside of Pirate Studios, Fizzler glides over a beat produced by none other Walkz himself, and its so effortless. The punchlines are certainly present with bars such as "been around teeth like spinners" and whilst the flows don't change throughout, his delivery is clean, cleaners that plenty of artists with more experience than himself. I would liked to see him attempt to switch flows or tempo's during this apart from the two go to flows he has.

It almost makes me want to reconsider putting Fizzler in the Honorable mentions category, maybe deserved a spot on the Finesse foreva Freshman list outright. This freestyle is extremely clean, and considering how long he has been rapping for he could be considered a natural. However the way i see it, Fizzler is solid, which already puts him above 60% of Link Up Tv uploads, the question is can he push himself further from here? There is so much more than just being a "Solid" rapper.

My only actual complaint is that at times i was distracted from fizzler, because this beat was actually flames, kudos Walkz. In all seriousness I hope the quality of the beats used stay high, a question would be if Walkz will producing all the beats for this series? if so I think that will be great for him.

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