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"Subten is the best in your genre"

"North LDN flows" is a display of north london's finest grime MC's. Walkz is making me a believer, whilst i've personally been a fan of reece west since his early appearances on Rinse FM, Subten actually dangerous with a microphone. Subten had more radio appearances recently, and his most recent set on pyro is a madness. Reece west hasn't slowed down since his LOTM win a few months ago and departure lounge was a solid project and with RIP ep coming soon, this will definitely satisfy us in the mean time.

The thing with subten is that his flow is so smooth, the punchlines go unnoticed, and that ability has certainly rubbed off on reece west. With punchlines like "I am the chef it's gordon time" or "i was in a german way before EO". Musical D on the buttons gives us a jumpy grime beat which is quite layered and intricate if you listen closely, with some nice sampled sounds mixed in that help the punchlines that bit harder.

Definitely one for your grime playlist and i will be lobbying for this to go on the reload it playlist.


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