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sykes (28s) with his new banger 25 shots...

he'S only just gone and done it again! since sykes‘ short hiatus , his workrate has been crazy .

He has now gone and dropped audio for new tune 25 shots. sykes comes in with a clear delivery and a melodic flow when describing the transition through out his time on the streets.

his choice of wordplay is great , as many may be able to understand and agree on what hes refrencing about . with the beat being produced by maxx.level and mixed by zimmz. music, we can only expect the best.

Sykes is definitely one to watch , as this is only the beginning! he is due to make the biggest comeback. dont sleep on him!

I'm looking forward to seeing the visuals which was shot by Kxvin. its due to be a movie.

but for now, continue listening to the audio by clicking on the youtube link down below and continue to stream on all streaming sites .

Out on all digital platforms:


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