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littest female rapper in the game ? $ym's " no doubt " freestyle is proving us right.

S.y.m is a new and upcoming artist that is due to knock a couple positions within the scene. She has recently dropped her take on skengdos hit "no doubt". However, the way presents the tune with such confidence and a jumpy , melodic flow is very impressive but not surprising once you acknowledge the beat was Also created by sebz beats. when two talented people work together , only the best can be produced. Throughout the tune , sym, reminds us that she really is that bitch throw her cheeky shots and lyrics.

Before releasing her "no doubt" freestlye, I have previously listened to sym's "woah freestyle " and "talk my shit"(which can also be found on her youtube channel). lets just say , this girl can rap ! every tune she has produced so far, hits. ranging from her flow to her lyrics shes really and truly unstoppable.

$ym's has recently just released a music video, shot by black cloud visuals which very much compliments the heat she's provided us with. IT features her and only her, signifying her independence and how she still remains to be in her own lane. go and check it out .

SO far, sym's hasn't failed when it comes to producing bangers . I'm very excited to see what she has next in store.. she's due to be up there without a doubt.


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