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teezandos ain't come to play and "highlander" shows she's one to watch

don't let the young face fool you. Teezandos is a beast and ain't taking no prisoner.

highlander is another lyrical onslaught by the young mc, some uk drill fan's dismiss her because of young appearance but her vivid storytelling set's her apart from some.

thinking outside of the box with wordplay that is savage but elite level writing.

"Just bro and me They should call us Barry and Paul Cause we’re brothers until we die, and we’re chuckling when we step with this tool"

subject matter has always been a main problem in the genre, leading to recycle punchline's and metaphors.but when artist think of different ways to explain a similar situation it can create gems that will catch the ears of the audience.

what took me by surprise was her flow control. during the track teezandos flips her rhyme patterns that sound sick. keeping the track interesting.

still under the radar for now, she is gaining excellent momentum and creating a solid catalogue.


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