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the bbc missed the mark with their "sound of 2020" list

The BBC "SOUND OF" LIST IS AN ANNUAL POLL MADE BY MUSIC CRITICS AND INDUSTRY FIGURES WHO will try to predict the stars for the next year and onwards.

notably winners and nominees from the list range from artist from different genres,styles and backgrounds.

the likes of 50 cent, adele, kano, Aj tracey, SAM SMITH, YEARS AND YEARS HAVE BEEN FEATURED.

FOR WHAT IT'S WORth, UK BLACK MUSIC HAS BEEN represented fairly ON THIS LIST in past years. but this year i feel uk music involving the art of rapping/mcing was tremendously ignored.

the nominees for this year are Arlo Parks, beabadoobee, Celeste, Easy Life, Georgia, Inhaler, Joesef, Joy Crookes, Squid, YUNGBLUD

listening through their recent works recommend on the bbc website, all these acts definitely have the potential to become stars of the future.

Arlo Parks is my favourite so far.

but for the sake to dodge controversy, the sound of the uk which is uk drill was not represented at all.

while the genre is a red flag for mainstream media (like grime was) i'm sure there could of been one artist from that scene that could of made the list.

i feel headie one should of made the list easy. I wish i could say ofb but with sj being convicted that wasn't going to happen.

digga d would of been an excellent choice, but with him also being in jail as well as his history with 1011 that was also unlikely.

russ & poundz who both have had viral hits could of snuck in but to have no uk hip hop/rap on the list is disappointing.

d block Europe who are arguably one of the biggest uk acts in music right now should of made the list. having a very impressive year.

even tion wayne who's proving to be a certified hitmaker should of booked a place on this list. with the industry becoming more profitable for artist of all genres, this new decade will be interesting.

congrats to those who were featured on this list.


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