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The creativity of Infamousizak is so exciting with "Used to it"

Infamousizak is capable of so much and his unrestrained creativity has a lot to do with that. Dancehall, rap, uk wave rap, R&B, melodic rap, he has so many styles he can tap into and even on this one song he's doing so many different things. The way he switches flows and styles constantly is dizzying. from spitting skippy rap flows to smoothly transitioning into nutty vocal riffs with ease.

Infamousizak is one hell of a song writer and this hook on top of all of this makes this melodic trap rap track so unique, can you even categorise it as i just attempted to do?

The visuals by Ella Violetta are beautiful, the shots of him underwater as well as the camcorder type visuals on certain shots give it some variance too. Keep streaming "Used to it" and look out for the upcoming project "Fracture"


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