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the loud house collective has so much talent: Lets start with Danny Sanchez

Danny Sanchez is something special, and reflects the growth of a new trend in grime that started with jafro. Danny has flows that are very much grime, but the singing voice this man has is phenomenal.

"Workin'" is grime, but it isn't at the same time, however debating what's grime and what isn't is a fools errand. The instrumental produced Meslo is so soothing and hearing danny start off with a skippy grime flow with a punchline name dropping esco, it catches you off guard. The hook is solid, but then what really takes this track is when he starts singing. it was a surprise, a good surprise, because so many artists are scared to showcase or train their singing voices, and either outsource or use auto tune instead. his coarse/rough voice is a good contrast to the mellow vibes Meslo gives on the instrumental. despite my recent obsession with lo-fi hip hop trends in the uk, calling this lo-fi grime would be a reach, but it really has that sort of feel do it. The choice of melodies aren't necessarily the blues and jazz influences you would find in lo-fi hip hop, but it delivers the same vibe and I love it.

Speaking of jafro, i think danny and jafro would be beautiful combination, so i'm going to speak into existence and pray that it happens.

check out the rest of the Loud House collective on their Youtube Channel. Danny has an mixtape out now called Volvére, where you can certainly hear the lo-fi hip hop influences.


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