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The song that pissed off the Sun, Potter Payper drops "round here" ahead of Training Day 3

In all their efforts by the Sun to be the enemy of progress, potter Payper is looking forward to a bright career with the long awaited Training Day 3 just around the corner.

m1onthebeat doesn't just do drill, he provides Potter wish a sinister rap beat for him to rap on for "round here". Whilst it is different to the more boombap or rick ross -esqe sound he's known for, it compliments him well and allows him to adapt to the new era. M1 did bring elements of Drill with him with the use of the 808s on the bassline, but the lower bpm makes it more of a rap tempo which is within potter's wheelhouse.

His punchline game is just as good ever with quotable one liners such as "Put pressure on the block like and open wound", and it only makes fans more excited for training day 3 dropping on September the 18th. Everyone make sure you go on and stream it on release day so we can trigger the Sun into giving potter more free publicity, because this man truly deserves stardom.


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