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Tomi Agape teases a comeback on new tune ‘Full Moon’

UK based afrobeats songstress Tomi Agape has been quiet for the most part this year – outside of a brief but essential performance on Santi’s everlasting hit ‘Rapid Fire’, we really haven’t heard from one of the more talented voices in UK’s afrobeat scene.

The last we heard from her was the vibey ‘Complicated’ over a year ago. That’s a long gap for any artist let alone one who was only just getting into her stride. But the song showed a lot of promise; it had great production with the soft and warm keys and the afro-inspired rhythms. On that song Tomi showed herself to have a good ear and an innate sense of soul that pierces every lyric she sung.

Full Moon makes good on that promise. It’s a short but sweet song, produced by Genio Bambino, a producer who’s worked with heavy hitters like Santi and odunsi (The Engine). The song is focused mainly on some wavy guitar chords that are spaced out, allowing the simple drum rhythm and bass to really drive the song and keep it upbeat and energetic.

Tomi’s soulful R&B influences show in the lyrics, as she sings about a relationship and a man she has all over her mind and wants to take it to the next level with.

Hopefully this short song means more music from Tomi in the future – but for now, you can catch the stream below.


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