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Top Boy put the spotlight on him, now Lloyd Luther is taking over the stage with "Taken"

People often say that the lyricist is the last of dying breed in the UK, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Lloyd Luther had his single "Drugs on Tap" re-released on the Top Boy mixtape as part of the music score for the Netflix crime drama. He instantly stood out as a lyricist and his latest single isn't pull any punches in that department.

The hook makes reference to the liam neeson movie of the same name, but the track as a whole isn't so simple. His maturity as man as well as a grime MC comes through in this track, as the track is centered around the idea of growth. The idea of "freeing generations" simply by learning more about the world is delivered with the books, as well as the verse about he found a different path in life as a man and as an MC than his former friends.

What's even more impressive, is the fact that he produced the instrumental himself, which horn melody and vocal loop to give that haunting feel. It's a grime track through and through, but it's not just bars, it clearly has a concept that lloyd luther built the track around. If this is how the grime seeks to go on, this will be a good year.


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