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Trapx10 and KO go back and forth on new single ‘Me and My Batch’

Trapx10 has been making a serious name for himself in the UK drill scene this year and really, it’s all in the name – his bars are filled with nearly endless trapping references and a flow setting himself apart from the rest.

He’s slowly been grinding on platforms like Mixtape Madness but now he’s gearing up for his debut project with his biggest collaboration yet, with East London’s resident drill lyricist, KO.

‘Me and My Batch’ is more than just a phoned in verse emailed over as well. You can tell this was thought through as Trap and KO go back to back over a haunted MKThePlug track. It forms a dark, moody backdrop to the song that sets the scene for the bars to match the vibe.

The hook introduces the song and Trapx10 kicks the wordplay straight off with the bar “me and my batch some meddling kids, I don’t know Scooby, Shaggy or Fred”. His verses are way darker than the Scooby Doo reference though as Trap spends the rest of the verse talking about the ins and outs of serving.

KO matches the “me and my batch” bar in his section of the hook, making for some great chemistry on the track. He really shines here, bringing his usual style of lyricism that is really levels above a lot of drill rappers.

He’s clearly a student of rap and his standard’s are shown on one of his stand out bars- “If I get bagged no comment, it’s sad that them boys got more to say, Put it on my life I can’t rat, only when I rap can I record for tapes”.

He even switches up his flow to re-purpose Trapx10’s – adding some exciting moments in his verses and proving himself to be the perfect guest to this song. his punchline game is on form here.

Trapx10 isn’t completely outdone on the track either. His wordplay is still cold, with one bar saying he’s got to “have the strap to the side like Huaraches” which is hard (if you ignore the fact that he’s still wearing Huaraches in 2019, especially ones that actually still have a strap on the side and not the back).

This song is a big statement from Trapx10, solidifying his case as one of drills top newcomers, having already made UK Drill Insider's UK Drill Freshman list. You can watch the video for Me and My Batch below – and watch out for a small cameo from 67’s Monkey too.


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