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Two grime legends (Chip and Dizzee Rascal" join forces for "L.L.L.L"

chip and dizzee rascal are both well respected pioneers in the UK's grime and music scene. both are undisputedly crucial for putting British music on the map . the genre fluid artist dizzee rascal has a history of incorporating other sounds and sub-genres into his songs, this has helped the artist stay relevant in an ever changing music scene. Although some claim grime is dead/gone underground both artists continue to keep fans content with their music releases.


L.L.L.L (Love Life Live Large) is produced by dizzee rascal himself, and is inspired by grime beats of the `00 grime era. the song has dizzee and chip rapping from an outside looking in perspective, dropping gems all over the track. the song is introspective as both rappers have already accomplished all there is to achieve in regards to the uk music scene. lyrics such as "Pop my collar but I don't pop pills or swallow no molly" has the godfathers of UK music giving advice to the younger generation. L.L.L.L is a phrase commonly said by people who just want to live a good life, and as such this song has chip and dizzee bragging about their accomplished life and music successes.

this collab has been long awaited as both artists have both been at the top of grime and UK music but have never exclusively collaborated together. this quality track has both rappers having fun over the beat, chip`s feature is lyrically impressive as always, also bragging about his riches/successes. the music video (directed by Jay Parpworth) has both artists portraying a lavish carefree lifestyle- a perfect video to match the song title.


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