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UK Hip Hop is alive and well, Enter Wish master "Don't waste Time"

This wordsmith is loyal too the traditional UK Hip hop sounds of the early 2000s, however that doesn't make his music any less exciting with the single "Don't waste time".

Wish master's lyrical prowess along with the sophisticated flows he uses to express himself are truly impressive.His punchline game is strong too with Lyrics such as:

"Life's simple human nature teach us to complicate"

"I fit the words like a puzzle look what I created"

His vast vocabulary allows him to articulate him self and deliver thought provoking lines through out.He 's so consistent in doing so and listening to his latest project The Bull (Best Underrated Living Legend) certainly proves this fact.

The instrumental produced by Chima taps into the dark and depressing lo-fi boom-bap sound that is currently re-emerging across the world. CW Jones gives a great vocal performance on the hook with the gloomy sounding vocals which uniquely compliments the production.The commitment to this sound by Wish master is shown on the previous project "Boombap to the future"

Official recordings ,alongside Wish master, is looking to take over as the new ambassadors for what is perceived as a lost art in the UK music scene.


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