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UK R&B Artist Ray BLK gets revenge with "Lovesick"

Ray BLK has released the new single " Lovesick", which will be featured on her much anticipated debut album. "Lovesick " is the second release of the year for the singer, after her song "Warriors", which featured on the soundtrack of the film "Rocks". The brilliant and engaging R&B track sees the London artist reflecting on heartbreak and revenge through some bittersweet lyrics.

Speaking of Lovesick, the artist said that the song is about:

"Lovesick is a revenge song. It's about taking control and reclaiming your power after being disrespected in a relationship and getting even. I’m always trying to empower women not to take disrespect sitting down but to keep a distance from people who don’t make them feel good about themselves and boss up because success is the best revenge."


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