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Up and coming afrobeats artist ‘Bace God’ shows his potential with ‘Final’

Despite Burna Boy being snubbed at the Grammy’s last week, it is undeniable that the new generation of afrobeats had a strong year in 2019. A lot of quality music is coming out of Nigeria, and even London has seen a lot of newcomers putting out hits, from Darkoo to Odeal.

Bace God (no, nothing to do with Lil B) has stepped up and thrown his name in the ring this year, with a drop for his latest tune ‘Final’.

Final shows his own take on afrobeats, and his style shows a lot of potential. The song shows Bace God trying to find out whether he and his girl are serious – is it a ‘Final’ relationship, or is she just gonna leave when she’s done?

Bace God’s voice is smooth; he’s a talented vocalist (although some passion on the bridge closing out the song would’ve added some replay value). The melodies he takes you on are smooth and catchy, blending perfectly into the bright, shimmering production, and making for a well written and well put together song.

The beat is one of the highlights of the song; produced by Buzzin, the song features a hypnotizing and uplifting piano loop, backed by some rhythmic percussion, locking you into the song. It sticks out as something different as soon as you hear it, and Bace does it justice.

In short, this is a sweet, catchy tune that you won’t regret hearing. You can check the video out on GRM below, but if you’re interested we’ll definitely keep you posted on any new bangers Bace drops in the future.


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