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V9 and Jimmy drop the visuals for Yudokuna standout 'Hello Hi'

V9’s repping for Homerton hard this year. Everyone knows what Unknown T and KO can do; T may have Homerton B and KO may have his elite lyricism, but I’m not hearing enough credit on V9’s name for Yudokuna, a very solid project he dropped earlier this year.

Because the devilish rapper with the Deadpool mask has something that not a lot of drill rappers have - a unique image and a unique sound.

One of my favourite songs (one that I didn’t expect a video for) was Hello Hi, an airy, lighthearted take on drill that has the ‘Charged Up’ rapper on a much more carefree vibe than you’d expect for such a violent genre.

The GOKA produced banger takes a high pitched and relaxing sample, loops it, and works his drill magic on it, lacing it with jumpy hi hats and a nice 808 melody. The result is unique, refreshing and is a perfect song to have in the background for any situation.

That doesn’t mean that V9 and fellow Homerton member Jimmy are rapping about peace on Earth or anything; V9 stays in his comfort zone, rapping about shooting, stabbings, and everything in between. Jimmy continues to impress, with a cold feature with nice rhyme schemes and a Dizzee Rascal reference.

The video, which you can watch below, features the Homerton members in a house party setting with some clean visuals.


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