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voice of the streets - kenny allstar builds hype for upcoming album with potter payper on "the one

Still riding the wave of his recent album release, potter payper and Kenny allstar join forces to give us another street banger. Ever since coming out of jail potter payper has been on a hot streak of releasing tune after tune that all hit and showcase his gritty lifestyle perfectly. Even after dropping, debatably, the album of the year, potter and Kenny allstar provide us with another song that is as raw and authentic as we could ask for.

"The one" directed by yukki and produced by SPK showcases potter payper as one of the UKs most versatile rapper's and lyricists. he's Been in the game for 7+ years, but his content never gets repetitive, and his flows stay immaculate. the song and video showcase potter paypers paranoid lifestyle ever since he reached new levels of fame and success. The change of flow in this song also show how multitalented potter is. he also raps about his genuine experiences before he was rich with lyrics such as "I USED TO SHOPLIFT IN LIDLS, I USED TO SHOPLIFT IN ASDAS" the change of lifestyles made him paranoid, but not any less real.

His raw way of conveying messages hasn't changed in his 7+ years of rapping, and is part of the reason he is still so listened too. fans can relate to his struggle and realness. with kenny allstar building hype for his upcoming album, this song shows it has huge potential!


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