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What do you mean you don't listen to Big Nate?

Big Nate (hailing from Lewisham, SE London) is a member of the Music collective 237Mob alongside other members such as Kish! Virgil HAWKINS, Casanova and many more. He's not afraid to be experimental, build an identity for himself, and be his witty and curious self. he's learned a lot as an artist and as a person since his debut EP "Stormy mind" whilst he was still with the group DNV.

"Killed" is an single taken from his ironically entitled ep "This is not a Drill", which shows his unique take on the drill genre. Produced, mixed and Mastered by Dubbs, shows his curious nature. The 808 sliders give it the Drill sound we're used to hearing, but the melodies give it a unique feel that Big Nate accommodates nicely. "Tables Turn" has got to be my favorite track with some quotable lyrics such as "I'm the plug i'm like USB". Dubbs certainly has his own identity as producer, but what drew me to this track is the arrangement of church bells on the melody which instantly reminds me of Carnshill. Engineers should take note from Dubbs because the mixing across this EP is superb.

Big Nate is very experimental with his music and this track from the mixtape "Chronicles of Nate" is exactly that. Playing with Lo-fi sounds and low pass filters with a bassline that you usually find within the afrobeats genre, Big Nate along with the whole of 237 Mob are in the business of genre bending.

Chronicles of Nate is an insight into his own mental health, his way of thinking, and discovering his own identity to express it to his listeners. Tracks like "Beautiful pain" explores his own growth as a person as well as exploring different sounds with it's glitch hop influences mixed with dark tones that remind me of Kanye's Yeezus. Then you have tracks like "Never giving up" which is more traditional UK rap song, piano melody with a beat underneath. But it doesn't end there, "Out of the Dark" is a liquid drum & Bass track with lyrics that draw themes usually found in the rap genre, complimented by the euphoric vocals from Donalee. He shows loyalty to no genre, and this allows his curious mind to run wild, and on this mixtape it shows.

Watch out for Big Nate and the rest of the 237 MOB

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