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Woosh and C1 will Spin you inside out with this one

Woosh has one of the most unique flows in all of UK Drill, and combined with the experience of C1, Inside Out is a solid Drill release that is flying under the radar.

Produced by our very own Ghosty, the dark and sinister melodies and aggressive 808s are immaculate, to the surprise of absolutely no one. Woosh delivers a gory hook and as per usual comes with some pretty clever yet violent punchlines.

"If I get 1 million you'll get sprayed like Paco Robanne"

But if you think c1 would lag behind, you were mistaken because C1's pen proves to be just as sharp on this track. Whilst his flow is more orthodox, I think the balance between two makes this a great pairing, especially when C1 is coming with lines like this:

"Still score goals like Mane, or sane, which one?"

Stream Inside out here:


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