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Kyeza shows conviction with "Worldone"

We’ve had just over a month to digest Nottingham MC Kyeza’s WorldONE EP and I’m adamant that it’s one of the best authentic underground Grime releases in recent times.

The EP has 6 tracks, 5 vocals, 3 productions from Grime heavyweights Mystry, Jammz and Gundam, 1 feature in the form of fellow Nottingham MC Mannimon and a visual for the jammz produced 'corn and pain'. The remainder of the project was produced by Kyeza himself and reflects the “darker side of Nottingham music and lifestyles”.

“The life that I’m living is corn and pain, dun tell them already bout pouring rain, if you really wanna know bout the war and hate, take a trip to the bits with a sword or flame”

When I think of the ingredients required to cook up the perfect Grime project – Kyeza has them all and more. He spits with conviction, allowing us to delve into a painful and gloomy reality experienced by many. His fierce and powerful delivery coupled with unapologetic and gritty content makes him, in my opinion, one of the leading MCs within the scene.

WorldONE is a project that helps to reignite the flame in Grime, which at times can be a non-flammable firepit.

“That’s WorldONE, can’t ever lack in WorldONE, got them packs in WorldONE, gotta jack and stack in WorldONE”

Kyeza has been active for a good few years now and much respect needs to be put on his name as a producer, barrer on set and as an artist who’s able to put together a solid and respectable body of work which has certainly made an imprint in the Grime scene’s music catalogue.

I can only hope that the fire in his belly remains and we’re able to see him go from strength to strength.

check out kyeza on a recent set with dj oblig below


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