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Wretch 32 gives us a heart-renching lesson about loss with "Mummy's Boy"

If wretch 32 is not in your UK all time top 10, you're doing it wrong. Wretch 32 is an elite lyricist who can tackle difficult topics without being corny or predictable.

Wretch 32 in "mummy's Boy" speaks on the relationship between a mother and a son, and how that should translate into successful relationships with other women in his life.

The trumpet melody alongside the piano keys on this track makes it a solemn experience alongside how the subject matter is delivered.

What's so clever is how he juxtaposes his relationship with his mother when he was a child and a adolescent, with that of his own daughter now that he is a grown man, as well as address how that molded his own mindset and attitude towards life as whole. especially with lyrics such as "I have been conditioned to better my life conditions".

Another Wretch 32 album would be brilliant, as wretch would be another pupil in the class of Deja to drop a project this year alongside Ghetts, Kano, P Money and D Double.


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