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Yanko is so damn rude

Yanko was on our UK Drill Freshman honorable mentions list, and for good reason. This song shows he's made significant improvements in area's I thought he was weak in: Word play and delivery.

From the hook, you can instantly see how his wordplay has improved, and there were no major problems with the delivery on this track. "Bro be telling me do construction fuck that i'm an organ digger"

But that not what draws to this track, it's just how disrespectful and vulgar he is, whilst that might turn some away, to me it only makes him more interesting. Bars such as "he got wet and forced in a cab no ambulance didn't get that privilege" i winced instinctively.

The last straw for me was "We left him wet like a j bag's clitoris" to which i simply thought to myself "He's actually lost the plot".

Literally me every 5 seconds of this song

Having yanko rotting in jail is quite frankly a waste of talent (if being horrifically disrespectful is a talent in that sense) and i hope when he returns he hits the ground running.


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