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Yxng Bane shows off his versatility on new drill tune – Gang Sh*t

This is a decade that’s started off with everybody on smoke – from Stormzy making a point to embarrass Wiley’s whole family tree, Pusha T laughing Drake back into his mansion and Iran putting 80 million on Trump’s head, it seems that in 2020 no one’s safe.

Yxng Bane is clearly sensing the vibes and is ready to match. Last we saw him was Maximum – a short but sweet guitar tune. But now the blonde hair is gone, the dreads are longer (no but for real, how did he grow them out in like a couple months?) and on his latest tune, there isn’t a melody within ear shot.

Clearly feeling like he made his mark on drill with his OFB collab ‘Skrr’ late last year, on Gang Sh*t, Yxng Bane doubles down on his drill flow, getting as dark, as flashy, and as ruthless as he can.

The song is bare bones but doesn’t waste a single bit of space – M1 laces Bane with a beat that just bangs in every sense of the word.

The 808 slides hit you in your gut, perfectly complemented by the hypnotic, evil synths. Compared to the upbeat and brighter beat that leaned closer to trap that we heard on Skrrr, Gang Sh*t leans into the UK drill sounds we all know and love.

Lyrically, Bane shows off his versatility and his flow, rather than his harmonies. If you were looking to hear a love song, Yxng Bane screaming every chorus might just upset you. Bane really embodies drill in his bars – as well as his usual bars about buying cribs, money, drip and girls, he also lets off some coldhearted bars about opps, ducking feds, and ‘doing beef in his Nikes’. Don’t expect a ‘No Censor’ but Bane manages to sound dark, with his own flow and style and prove that he can touch any beat he wants.

The video is a clean visual that really makes the ‘my life a movie no acting’ bar make sense. It’s not a Dubai trip with OFB but instead we see a Pacman directed visual, with Bane just doing everything money. It matches the song nicely so if you’re feeling that, you can watch below.


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