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zone 2 with karma & trizzac strike again with the infectious but disrespectful single "dead"

@zone2official are making sure they are the talk of the scene as the year begins to close. After the absolute fckery "No Censor" did to the timeline, @karmakayoszone2 & @trizzac_ypb return with "Dead"

Both being recognised as having the most standout or savage moment's from their last release.

While this single is censored, it's near enough just as savage. From when Karma starts that hook (Which is one of the most catchy hooks of the year) your in for a journey.

Trizzac as I've said before has greatly improved, he fits perfect in this lane of straight crud talk and straight forward writing. His energy is infectious when he flips into that fast flow.

Karma has been a monster since his release from jaIL. If he had more time, I believe he could of been top 5 for 2019.

hia "anger managment tape is a underrated gem.

Haven't heard a bad verse from him so far and you can see he will be a dark horse for 2020.

He's aggressive delivery matched with his vocal inflections have him sounding evil on these instrumentals. As well he can drop memorable but disrespectful bars you won't forget.

not sure if this trend will continue into 2020 but these releases have been some of zone 2's best work and definitely hallmark moments for karma and trizzac.

These two should drop a little EP for the streets that is straight crud and street song's that the underground will like.

Zone 2 have a solid squad entering the new era.

Track - #Zone 2 Karma x Trizzac "Dead"


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