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Zone2/ypb "no censor" is arguably the most savage single of 2019

"If you don't talk about drills,they don't love no more"

Those are the first lines from this new single that has the UK Drill scene at a standstill.

@zone2official / YPB have dropped "No Censor" and it's arguably the most savage track this year.

This is UK Drill at it's most cutthroat and the reaction online is crazy

@karmakayoszone2 @kwengface.1 @lrbabyorboo_zone2 @trizzac_ypb @unrulyybad_hitsquad @br2uptown are talking no prisoner's but this track isn't for the faint of heart.

When UK Drill music wasn't so heavily censored more song's like this were frequent. No surprises that it was taken down but the artist knew that.

all the mcs didn't put forward solid performances but some stood out with how far and creative they were with their content.

Karmas verse will get all the blog sites talking. especially with the iconic sonic ring sound adding more venom to his already disrespectful bars.

Trizzac who has greatly improved also comes with one of the most savage lines on the record that will have your jaw drop.

as well kwengface finishes off the track with catchy but savage bars and flow switches that perfectly keeps the pace.

Make sure you check your favourite Youtube music reactions to this single @prodbywalkz @deepsspeaks & @leetothevi to name a few will probably be speechless.

(reupload, original was deleted)


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