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Black History month at Finesse Foreva 2020: Wish Master drops Write Pages

Wish master is an active black activist in his home town in Bristol as well as a talented artist with his new single 'Write Pages'. After featuring in a BBC documentary regarding the fall of the statue of Edward Colston (Watch here), Wish master dedicates his next single release as something special for Black history month. With a concept reminiscent of the classic novel A Christmas Carol, we hear Wish's depth and artistry in his lyricism, which has helped support his rise in prominence over the past few years. 

Supported with a life journeying video showing his progression from a boy to a man, Wish Master flows poetically over a flute-laden head-nodder produced by Van Dam.

'Write Pages' delivers a wholesome and uplifting message around being 'the author of his own life'.  There are plenty of black figures within history and in the music industry alone, that have done exactly the same , carved out their own destinies through the power of their music to inspirations for decades to come and Wish Master wants do the same.

"If life’s a journey this is about my growth from a child at school to finding my current path as an artist in adulthood.
But there is one common theme that links it all together - the power of the pen. Writing can be powerful, expressive, unapologetic.. and always honest." Wish Master

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Filmed in part at the world famous university in his home town of Bristol, the video, as directed by Patch Up productions paints a vivid picture of Wish recreating some of the most memorable stages in his life. From a child to teenager to his present state and even a flash forward to Wish in a stately setting.

Stream Writes pages Here


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