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Master Peace path to a rockstar is defies tradition with new ep "Love Bites"

There is nothing conventional about Master peace, and his new EP "Love Bites" shows how unrestricted his creativity is, and his disrespect for genres.

Master Peace drops indie pop rick EP "Love Bites" and honestly, from his journey as a artist, you wouldn't have seen this coming when he started out on Grime sets on Radar radio, but its truly beautiful.

It includes previously released singles such as "PNE" and "Regular Feelings" which we have already covered on our blog.

"Eyes on You" which he released as a single just before the EP dropped, shows that indie rock love ballads is a field that master peace has conquered to perfection. The smooth and sweet vocals he comes with along with his song writing hits you right in the feels, careful you don't text your WCW something soppy after listening to this one.

"Never Wanna be" comes with something different to the rest of EP, with the instrumental being more governed by the baseline, swapping out upbeat guitars for broody piano melodies making this more of an R&B entry. Master Peace comes across as a hopeless romantic, with the angsty hook showing him pining for a love interest, and gets you deep in thought about your own.

Get the tissues ready when you stream "Love Bites" here:


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