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Zama:The promise of the italian drill in london

"Zona 4" is the latest single dropped by the artist Zama, released on the 1st of October.

Born i n Hadero (Ethiopia) and raised in Verona ( Italy), Zama is an artist with a very specific goal, to gift his listeners something different with his music, his attitude and the flow, that distinguishes him, talking about his life between Italy and the United Kingdom, friends and society today.

"Zona 4 " marks the beginning of a new project called "Drill Season", with a sound entirely drill influenced .

for this reason, the whole project was conceived and i mplemented in London, including the recording of the song and the shooting of the video.

Zama's passion for music led him to create his first project in 2017 with the track " 1999 " followed by one of his most successful singles, "Tuta Adidas".


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